Left: Elisabeth and Sandy working at the 2013 CSHA  Diversity Issues table in Long Beach. Current project overviews were available for reading and sign-up sheets filled up fast for the various Diversity Issues Committee projects. An enlarged version of the 2013 Diverse Voices, the Diversity Issues newsletter, was available for reading on two easels.

A list of current DIC projects can be seen at the page link above and left, including abstracts for each project. Below is the DIC table at 2012
CSHA San Jose with cards for the male SLP study and a QR reader to scan information about the Diversity Issues Committee.

One of the DIC founding members, Dr. Lilly Cheng, at the 2012 ASHA convention. She explained her views on the scope of our mission regarding cultural and linguistic diversity within the Californian speech-language pathology community. Right: left to right are Dr. Damian Huertas, ​Dr. Cheng, Dr. Pamela Norton, and Jamie Hunter-Gomes M.S.-C.S.D. candidate, CSU Sacramento.​
California Speech-Language and Hearing Association​

Left: Chikako, Damian, Sandra, Pam, and Elisabeth at dinner after the Fall 2012 face-to-face meeting​​​ of the Diversity Issues Committee in South San Francisco.
“Why is it that only 4.2% of the ASHA
member speech-language pathologists
nationwide are male?”

The committee formed a male SLP study subcommittee to continue investigating. The group is moving forward with a qualitative research design and is looking at existing surveys regarding males in other female-dominated fields. The results of the pilot study may then be presented as a poster session at an upcoming conferences

The summer face-to-face DIC meeting in 2010 at San Francisco State University, with Chair Damian Huertas, Ying-Chiao Tsao, Pamela Norton, Sandra Gaskell, and  Betty Yu.
The mission of the Diversity Issues Committee (DIC) is to assist CSHA members in ​increasing their awareness and knowledge of cultural and linguistic ​diversity issues in speech-language pathology and audiology.
During the September 2012 face-to-face meeting, we reviewed the history of the committee through a Power Point presentation developed by Dr. Huertas. This history can be viewed by following this link:

Download the PDF file
The committee held a cyber and face-to-face meeting on September 7, 2013. Three participants met at the home of Elisabeth Ward in Southern California and two participants met in the Oakland home of Pamela Norton. All projects and communications from the previous year were reviewed at the meeting regarding various topics including CSHA member diversity inquiries sent to thecommittee from CSHA headquarters. We discussed newsletter articles and reviewed the status of each project in progress. The activities for the coming year were decided on and members joined subcommittees to further goals for each project as well as discussed strategies to continue the progress on the group projects through committee transitions.
Left: Screen shot of the Fall Skype meeting. From the left: Sandra, Pamela, Sofia, Christine, and Elisabeth
CSHA San Francisco March 28, 2014
"Cultural and Linguistic Competence: A Guide for the 21st Century Clinician"

Watch for the 2014 Diverse Voices
Newsletter with articles by many diverse
authors with special interest articles. Bigger and better than ever.... See our table at the
CSHA San Francisco March 27-30

There are two open spots on the Diversity Issues Committee to begin June 1, 2014

Please come and see us at the Diversity Issues Table and find out about how you can be one of the committee members.​​​​​​​